Collaborative Research

This is objective number 2 of iAGRI. The Needs Assessment study carried out from July to August 2011 identified research gaps in key agriculture–related areas. In a follow-up Priority Setting Workshop held in October 2011, key stakeholders –SUA, MAFC and the private sector firms in the food system developed a set of eight broad research priorities, namely, crop improvement; value chain management (value addition, postharvest management, bulking and packaging and marketing); climate change; gender and agricultural productivity; water resources management; policy analysis (focusing on agriculture-related policies); extension systems; nutrition and food science.

Agricultural Policy Studies

Hardly a year after iAGRI project inception, iAGRI and SERA jointly agreed to sponsor an agricultural policy seminar series in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Sokoine University as part of their efforts to support agricultural policy research. Funding was originally provided by iAGRI. The objectives of the agricultural policy seminar series were to stimulate interest in and efforts on agricultural policy research, encourage informed debate on policy issues, and ultimately to improve agricultural policies in Tanzania.