Innovation Portfolio

Turning Great Ideas and Innovations into Business

What is the Innovation Portfolio?

The Innovation Portfolio is a platform that acts as a facilitator to bring those who represent the demand and supply sides of agricultural applied science, by interacting with private companies, Governmental and non-governmental organizations, to identify their technology needs and match them with research scientists at Sokoine University of Agriculture.  The Innovation Portfolio plays a brokerage role between faculty and investors/sponsors to commercialize their research ideas for innovative products, services, processes, and infrastructure that have potential to address food security deficiencies and significantly increase productivity. As SUA provides home- grown solutions to development needs in Tanzania and the region, it benefits from revenue it gets from the sale of innovations.

Why is it important?

Agricultural industry in Tanzania and in the East Africa faces major hurdles to produce sufficient food to feed its ever growing population, low productivity, climate change, unstable market conditions, poverty, limited arable land, rapid urbanization, and ongoing conditions in the Horn of Africa are among the most significant. By 2050, Tanzania will be the 3rd populated country in Africa, which will impose significant challenges to food security and environmental sustainability. Most of all, these challenges threaten the welfare of smallholder farmers and the vulnerable poor, who often have insufficient access to fresh, clean water, and biodiversity to sustain them. These factors present a persistent challenge to food security, resource sustainability and geopolitical stability and warrant innovative solutions.


The Innovation Portfolio works with intermediary institutions which support agricultural production, especially among smallholders, and Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMES) that are linked to agricultural activities of processing, marketing and distribution of agricultural inputs and tools to provide access to technological innovations and technical services.

Addressing Economic Growth and
Food Security through Innovation

How Does it Work?

The Innovation Portfolio positions ideas that can significantly increase agricultural productivity-be-they of products, services, processes, and infrastructure – into a business ecosystem framework in order to define where cutting edge research can expedite their development and subsequent delivery to market. The Innovation Portfolio invites potential investors/sponsors to explore possibilities for research projects, businesses cases or public- private partnerships and establishes patterns/ mechanism for interactions and collaborations.

The Innovation Portfolio team has a wealth of experience and expertise in building partnerships between private voluntary, private sector, government and nongovernmental partners. The Innovation Portfolio leverages SUA’s expertise in the agricultural sciences to design products and services.

Why Innovation Matters!

What can we do for you?

The Innovation Portfolio can help your company or organization perform research to address issues identified by you to support your organization’s goals. A number of SUA researchers, as well as researchers from the iAGRI University Consortium in the United States have proposals on research they can conduct to help you fulfill your goals, or work with us to create a custom proposal.

Are you an Investor?