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Originators of project entries into the Innovation Portfolio are students, alumni, academic staff from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), students participating in iAGRI advanced degree training, faculty and students of the iAGRI Consortium partnership and participants in the iAGRI Collaborative Research Projects.

The Innovation Portfolio team assists innovators access a range of innovation services and support systems and networks. The new Tech Talent space provides innovators with the following three interconnected services to drive innovation:

Innovation Training

The training objective is to create an innovative culture of idea generation that attracts more ideas on a continuous basis.  Innovators are trained on how to move from concept to solution and how to prepare Preliminary Statement of Work (Pre-SOW) – ideation, curation, narration to solution and the power of entrepreneurship, how to sell a business idea and how to pitch a business idea to an investor when they are offered to meet.

Innovation Coaching

Guided coaching is aimed in providing practical tools and support to help innovators explore new directions, unlock their potential, increase adaptation and develop the talent and capability by pairing them with a more skilled or experienced person in the same field. Coaching is done on need basis and conducted in person or virtually by phone or internet.

The Innovation Portfolio provides two types of coaching:

  • One-On-One coaching- To coach each innovator member one at a time
  • Group Coaching: Support members to coach each other ( a peer coaching group) based on their need.

Innovation Networking

This includes referrals through Innovation Portfolio extensive networks so that the innovators have access to the best expertise. Innovators are made aware that they do not have to reinvent the wheel – but should look outside in the open innovation space, find what exists, identify the gaps, and then adapt it or combine it with other approaches that work. There are many tools and templates out there. Innovation Portfolio approach combine strategic thinking with the practical tools required for developing new products, services, and strategies, all focused first and foremost on leapfrogging to the next big innovation breakthrough.


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