An overview of different innovation projects

Translating Ideas into Innovation: Our wide-ranging Portfolio for Investors

The Innovation Portfolio platform provides support for innovation projects which would not be implemented or which would come to a halt without support. Unused ideas from individuals or companies should be transformed into marketable innovation with the support of appropriate research competence. Our portfolio ranges from products and technical services to adaptive research trials and can all be tailored to your needs. Personal contact with you is important to us.

Our Funding Opportunities for Companies

Does your company have an idea for innovation, but lack research capacity? Then, we can help you! The Innovation Portfolio will provide support for your project, including access to the expertise of our partner research institutions.

Networking Opportunities
Are you looking for ways to network with other entrepreneurs and research institutions in your field? We offer networking opportunities with the global thematic networks and other platforms.

Innovation Portfolio offers Solutions to Business Problems

Your company/organization will benefit from Innovation Portfolio Services in solving a pressing problem, improving operational efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks, opening a new market and introducing new products to make company more competitive.

The investors are offered the following services to improve their company’s organization performance:


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Our Partners

Have a look at some of our key partners and how we work together. .