Our media section comprises of iAGRI stories, press releases, videos and newspaper articles. A number of iAGRI scholars are featured in this section, whereby their stories range from their lives as students in a foreign country, to their research topics.  Additionally, a number of newspaper articles featuring iAGRI and the work being done at SUA, can be found in this section.

iAGRI Stories

This is a compilation of different stories that are mostly about iAGRI-sponsored students.  In here you will find their personal narration about their studies, their experience of living in a foreign country, and their prospects for the future.

iAGRI Videos

In here you will find a number of video clips that feature different activities being implemented by iAGRI.  While some of them are activities that involve collaborative research and the capacity building at SUA, most of these videos feature our students and their personal stories on school, research, and life after school.

Press Releases

iAGRI has a close working relationship with the media in Tanzania.  Whenever there is a major event, iAGRI makes sure that it informs the media about this through Press Releases that then help the journalists to write a story out of them.

In the Newspapers

With the different activities that always take place at iAGRI, the media in Tanzania also gets involved in reporting the newsworthy stories for the public to read.  iAGRI has constantly been featured in the Tanzanian press, and here you will find some of the stories that appeared.