iAGRI has a big collection of resources on the work it does. These include reports from workshops and seminars, as well as quarterly and annual reports that explain the activities done for the reported period, and plans for the future.

Workshops and Seminars:
In collaboration with SUA, iAGRI organizes a number of workshops and seminars from local to international levels, aimed at making SUA an institution that convenes scientific symposiums contributing to food security in Tanzania.

iAGRI has a tradition of compiling its activities into reports, so that they could always be available whenever information pertaining to them is needed. Apart from the Quarterly and Annual Reports that are aimed for USAID, other reports include proceedings of various workshops, symposiums and even studies that have taken place.

iAGRI produces two types of newsletters; one is for distribution in the United States, while the other is for distribution in Tanzania. These newsletters highlight the different activities that have taken place within the project for the reporting period, and they are a blend of news from our core activities: training, research, and organizational transformation.