RUFORUM Advisors traveling to Tanzania

You are coming to Tanzania from a RUFORUM institution to advise an iAGRI MS or PhD student.
Visitors must fill out the Travel Information Form and Trip Objectives and Schedule Upload Form prior to travel. For more information, please see sections 3 and 4 below.

iAGRI provides funds to support advisor trips to Tanzania for all its students. One trip is authorized for MS advisors and two trips are authorized for PhD advisors. Each trip can include up to 12 days of travel, lodging, meals and incidentals. Please be prepared to cover all in-country expenses and save receipts for reimbursement. The RUFORUM contact at your institution can provide further details about how to handle your travel expenses.

Please refer to the RUFORUM Traveler’s Information Guide for information and advice. Then follow the steps below to schedule each trip. This will help ensure iAGRI has the necessary information to support your efforts:

1. Select Travel Dates and Inform RUFORUM/iAGRI of Intent to Travel

Your travel schedule should be coordinated with your student and Tanzanian Co-advisor with reference to the Sokoine University Almanac.

  • For MS advisors, we suggest visiting early in the research phase (after  the student has returned to Tanzania) so it is possible to make adjustments to the project if necessary. Before the trip 1) the MS proposal must be accepted by the student’s graduate committee and 2) both proposal and budget must be accepted by iAGRI.
  • PhD advisors have two trips. One trip may be used as a planning trip before the project is accepted by the committee. The second trip would be expected to fall during the actual project in Tanzania.
2. Purchase Ticket and Obtain Passport

Coordinate with the RUFORUM contact at your university to book a ticket to Tanzania. The advisor should make arrangements to obtain a passport if he or she does not already have one.

3. Complete and Submit Travel Information Form

Please complete the online Advisor Travel Information Form at least four weeks before your departure to Tanzania. The information will enable RUFORUM to arrange in-country transportation and accommodations. They will also schedule an introductory meeting with the iAGRI Project Management Unit.

4. Create Schedule of Activities and Plan Seminar

Work with your student and his or her local supervisor to arrange office space, meetings, field visits, advising sessions, and a classroom or departmental seminar. This seminar is required as part of iAGRI capacity-building efforts at SUA. Once you have agreed on a basic schedule, including the date and topic of your seminar, submit the Advisor Trip Objectives and Schedule Upload Form at least one week prior to your trip so iAGRI can facilitate if necessary.

5. After Returning Home

Submit receipts to the RUFORUM contact at your university. Also, please fill out the Travel Report Form. The data collected on the forms is used in iAGRI’s reporting to USAID. Submit your completed form to David Hansen at [email protected], Emmanuel Rwambali at [email protected], AND Sylvia Chindime at [email protected].

Summary of Required Forms

If you have any questions, please contact Shangwe Bujiku at [email protected].


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